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Welcome to Club Ninja

Whats this site all about?

Well I'll tell you. Club Ninja is all about Martial arts weapons and Ninja flash games. Well really it is about everything ninja. I've just focused on the Ninja Weapons section and the flash games first. I intend to add much more to the site as time goes on.

The story of's birth:$nbsp; I've been on the internet for as long as I can remember, but I've never really had a place of my own. I've always wanted to make a website but the inspiration was never quite complete. A while back I stumbled upon an auction for domain names and curiosity got the better of me. I saw the name club ninja and I just knew it was the one. Thankfully not many other people felt the same, and I managed to aquire it.

Over the last few months I've devoted a few hours here and there whenever inspiration struck. Several times it nearly went into the recycle bin. Finally I decided that if I didn't upload it now I probably never would. So here's where it all begins. I know this site has a long way to go. I've done quite a bit of learning and found ways to make this site expandable and easy to update. I hope all that prep work will lead to my own inspiration. I hope to grow and develop the site further. I have always been the harshest judge of my own work, and even so I still see great potential for the future of this site.

Please feel free to browse

I have gathered together a collection of the best ninja related flash games I could find from around the net. They're good for a simple distraction. Infact probably too good as I'm sure playing them slowed the development of this site. I've also taken the time to assemble a page full of trivia about Ninja martial arts weapons. Guaranteed to make you look "Geekish" in front of friends Schoolmates and Coworkers. If you're despirate to get away from this tacky site you can stop by the Ninja Clan page. Its got links to the best ninja sites that I could find.

I know the site is dreadfully short of good pictures. My own skill with the pen is rivaled only by an ants knowledge of nuclear physics. I've pleaded with my brother who does't seem cursed by my own lack of artistry. Perhaps in the near future we'll all see something worth the diversion.

Dont forget to bookmark or add this site to your favorites list. There are good things yet to come.

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